Introducing the Hemas Weight Loss Clinic to relieve your burden.


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Bring world class ENT treatment for you

At Hemas Hospitals our ENT specialists can help you get up to date treatment for all kinds of ENT disorders including sinusitis, tonsillitis, chronic ear infections and more.


Our track record consists of the best clinical outcomes,

the best doctors  and most cost effective surgical packages.


An Affordable World Class Dental Care Service opens today at Hemas Hospitals – Thalwathugoda

Breast Feeding Support Centre

Advice and help on breastfeeding and other information concerning your baby’s health. Monday to Saturday 9.00am-12.00pm at Hemas Hospital Thalawathugoda.

Safe, Convenient and Affordable

Hemas Hospital Wattala introduces Haemodialysis treatment, the only such treatment facility available in Gampaha.

Eliminate Varicose Veins

Eliminate Varicose Veins with Laser Treatment

Free walk-in clinic for Joint pains

Walk in to our free clinic on Joint pains on every weekday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

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  • Hemas Hospitals Official Website
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Healthy Lifestyle club

Healthy Life Style Club (HLSC) is a new initiative taken by Hemas Hospital, Thalawathugoda to help the members of our community to remain healthy. In keeping with our vision and mission, we at Hemas Hospitals believe that our mission is not only to effectively treat emergencies and serious illnesses, but it is also our obligatory duty to help preserve the good health of our members with regular check-ups to rule out common diseases that often go undiagnosed, such as Hypertension (high blood pressure), Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease.

HLSC membership avails its members to regular check-ups with an assigned doctor, who will keep track of their bio-medical parameters such as BMI, blood pressure and results of evaluation tests, such as the risk prediction assessment for heart diseases using the WHO risk prediction chart. This periodic prophylactic testing and recording means that any change is instantly noticed and remedial action or treatment can commence immediately, before the symptoms or disease manifests, so that early diagnosis leads to better control or a possible cure.

A lifetime HLSC membership costs just Rs 500.00 and members are encouraged to stay healthy not only with routine check-ups, but also by joining the aerobics fitness classes conducted in the hospital premises, and by benefitting from excellent dietary advice by our dietician. Members may also enjoy discounted rates on selected Radiology and Cardiology tests and on selected laboratory tests. Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is to have a doctor who is like a friend, who you meet regularly and you build a relationship of trust and confidence with so that you have someone to talk to about any symptom or change that maybe worrying you.

At Hemas Hospital, Thalawathugoda, we believe that we could all live wholesome and happy lives by preserving good health and staying healthy, and HLSC is the first step in our mission to help build a healthier community.

Please contact out hotline 0117 888 888 for further details on HLSC.