Ask a Doctor

Bell's palsy

1) it is a condition which can be caused by a damage to one of your nerves.( 7th cranial nerve).It can be a temporary or a permanent damage.

2) According to your history, since it has been there from ur childhood it can be a permanent damage.

3) Kindly consult a neurologist if the condition is getting worse. 4) for further assessments and clarifications I advise you to come to us

1) There won’t be any significant side effects as such. It can be done with a minimum blood loss

2) Hospital charges will be 34,500 rupees (exclusive of doctors charges)
We have more than 20 odd Dermatologists on board. Please kindly contact 0117888888.
Need to know more details about it. What is the hernia/periumbilical? Inguinal? Please show her to a consultant surgeon