Laboratory Services

We provide an extensive range of laboratory services including genetics and specialized tests. We are well aware that your wellbeing depends on the accuracy of our diagnostic reports. Hence, we maintain the highest standards at all stages of our medical investigations including starting from the sourcing of reagents up to delivery of results. You can visit our islandwide network of laboratories spread across over 45 locations to obtain accurate diagnostic reports. Our satellite laboratory chain covers Negombo, Chillaw and Gampaha. At present, we operate the only medical laboratory network in Sri Lanka to use an integrated, bar coded sample processing system. When you seek our services for diagnostic investigations, you automatically sign up for the expert services of leading laboratory specialist doctors including pathologists, microbiologists and haematologists. In addition, our laboratory technicians are registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

Your laboratory tests could be stored for life and viewed in an instant through our revolutionaru health and wellness mobile app – “Hemas Health”.




PCR Test in Kandy

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