June 22, 2021

Deewara Dirisawi

Hemas Hospitals

Sri Lanka’s most trusted private healthcare provider Hemas Hospitals launches the ‘Deewara Diri Savi’ mega donation drive to support and empower the fishing community along the Western Coast of the country, whose livelihoods were gravely impacted by the marine destruction caused by the X-Press Pearl ship disaster.

Under ‘Deewara Diri Savi’, Hemas Hospitals will oversee the donation of complete dry ration packs for 818 families in the Wattala fishing community, who have now lost their sole source of income for survival and is undergoing extreme destitution due to the implications caused by COVID-19 pandemic together with the fishing ban imposed due to the X-Press Pearl disaster. Further, Hemas Hospitals Wattala is also offering free OPD consultation services to these families to ensure that their wellbeing and access to healthcare is secure and continued during this period.

“Our mission, values and corporate culture guide our actions as we strive hard to deliver on the promise of making healthful living happen to communities across the nation. ‘Deewara Diri Savi’ was founded upon this ethos as we care for, uplift and empower Sri Lanka’s fishing community struggling to make ends meet due to the mass implications and destruction caused to our marine resources with the X-Press Pearl disaster. As a responsible healthcare leader, we will continue to invest our resources and take swift action in supporting this community who add so much to our economy as they transition through this deeply difficult, critical time,” Hemas Hospitals and Laboratories Managing Director and President, Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes Dr. Lakith Peiris stated.

The mega donation programme was coordinated with the support of the Rev. Fr. Ajith Kamal, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Palliyawatta, who spearheaded the coordination on behalf of the fishing community in the Palliyawatta, Dikowita and Awarakotuwa areas. The programme was also joined by the Divisional Secretary Wattala, Mrs. P. D. T. C.  Rajika, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Lalith Halambarachchige, PHI of Palliyawatta – Malith Edirisingha, Managing Director Hemas Hospitals & Laboratory Chain – Dr. Lakith Peiris along with several representatives from Hemas Hospitals.The event was conducted under the strict directives issued by the Ministry of Health and under the supervision of the region’s Public Health Inspector.

The X-Press Pearl, a cargo ship, has been burning off the coast of Sri Lanka for nearly two weeks before it started to sink. This has forced Sri Lanka to temporarily ban fishing along a 50-mile stretch of its coast, due to the extensive marine pollution caused by the wreck. Local fisherman who rely on shallow water fishing have been directed to stay ashore indefinitely, incapacitating these communities’ livelihoods who sometimes rely on just one meal a day to survive. As a responsible corporate citizen, Hemas Hospitals remains deeply committed to drive its vision of making healthful living happen across all communities across the country.