July 1, 2020

“Sathkaaryen Eha Giya Sethkaarya Udesa” සත්කාරයට එහා ගිය සෙත්කාරය උදෙසා !

Hemas Hospitals

The students intake for the year 2020/2023 of Hemas Nurses Training School (NTS) was held on 01st July 2020 at the Town Hall- Wattala.

The event was held with the participation of the Management team of Hemas Hospital Chain , Students , Parents , and Panel of Lecturers of Hemas NTS.

The event was themed as “සත්කාරයට එහා ගිය සෙත්කාරය උදෙසා”, which stands for “Going beyond the call of duty”.

The event was held with all COVID 19 precautionary measures laid down by the Clinical Team of Hemas Hospitals.