General and Orthopaedic Surgery

We are well-known for our expertise in producing best clinical outcomes in general, gastrointestinal, orthopaedic and laparoscopic surgeries. While we’ve secured the services of highly trained and experienced surgeons to offer you world class care, we also offer you competitive rates. Our orthopaedic surgery unit is well-equipped to provide comprehensive care for musculo-skeletal ailments. You can seek our help for consultations, at times of emergencies, for orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Our surgical complex consists of two modern theatres, equipped with the latest technology.

We specialize in laparoscopic surgeries. Our modern laparoscopic surgical unit and experienced surgeons will allow you to enjoy the benefits of this minimally invasive procedure. During the surgery or diagnostic test, your surgeon uses a narrow tool with an attached video camera to examine the relevant organ. He or she will only make a small incision which will only leave an insignificant scar to insert the device to project clear images on to the monitor. Your surgeon can watch the images on a monitor and conduct the surgery without cutting you open. We offer the widest range of laparoscopic surgical procedures in the country conducted by experienced surgeons.