Homecare – (Home visit service)

Backed by and operated by a skilled, dedicated team composed of qualified medical personnel and doctors, we are there to help you take care of your loved one. Whether it is an elderly person, a new mother, a differently-abled individual, those discharged after surgery or an immediate need for laboratory tests, we provide varied home care services through our mobile fleet.


Our key service areas include:

  • Emergency Care
  • Doctor Visits
  • OPD Service
  • Catheterization
  • Wound Dressing
  • Nebulization
  • NG Tube Insertion
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sample Collection


While offering OPD service at your home to meeting emergency support, our community-based home care service is built around patient benefit, comfort, convenience and dignity.


Our care system starts as soon as you dial our dedicated home case service number 077 54 99 546. Our certified health officers who answer the call will take you through a few quick questions to understand your situation and access your requirements.


We use advanced technology and automated processes for the convenience of our customers. Our Home Care team will provide you with bills then and there on location, through a hand held billing system for cash or card linked with the hospital. Hemas Home Care maintains electronic patient records linked to the patient’s records at the hospital, allowing the team to access up-to-date information and offer a continuous care stream.


For further information call us on – 077 54 99 546