General & Laparoscopic Surgery

General surgery involves treating wounds, deformities and diseases with surgical procedures. It is often used to relieve suffering when it is unlikely that treatment will be cured by drugs alone. At Hemas Hospitals, we strive for excellence in surgical care to provide patients with the safest and most effective care. New methods and techniques are less invasive than previous practices which involves deep cuts causing various disadvantages. New Laparoscopic surgery will relive the hassle of surgery with guaranteed outcomes touching both patient, doctor and the hospital.

We use laparoscopic treatment, a modern technique in which surgeries are performed through small incisions. This technique causes less postoperative pain and allows faster healing with smaller permanent scars.

Laparoscopy allows doctors to access the inside of the abdomen using laparoscopy, a small tube attached to the camera. It is also known as keyhole surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is advantageous in many ways compared to traditional surgery because of smaller incisions. This leads to faster recovery, shorter hospital stay, reduced scarring and less risk. It is useful for diagnosing and treating a wide range of problems inside the abdomen and pelvic floor.

Laparoscopy is used to study and treat reproductive health problems, digestive system problems and other problems affecting the urinary system. This will allow you to leave the house the next day and you can resume your normal activities in a week. Hemas Hospital is one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in Sri Lanka, offering laparoscopic treatments and surgery. Our specialists in laparoscopic surgery are very experienced and have performed many surgeries to treat different health problems.

Treatments we Offer :
• Laparoscopic surgery (minimal invasion surgery)
• Trauma and emergency surgery
• Reconstructive and therapeutic surgery