Health Checks

“Suwatha Piyasa”

Regular health checks is one of the most important preventive measures you can take to ensure your and your family’s wellbeing. ‘Suwatha – Piyasa’ was set up to provide health check services along with counseling services, family planning clinics, corporate health screening, insurance medical screening and pre-recruitment medical check-ups. We offer you a number of health check packages to select the one that suits your specific expectations.
General Guidelines before undergoing a Health Check

• Ideally, you should make an appointment before visiting us for a health check
• Please make sure to obtain the instructions about fasting hours from the coordinator when you make your appointment.
(12 hours fasting is mandatory.)
• Wear suitable clothes to make it easier for you to undergo the necessary check ups
• Please note that the entire health check process takes 5 to 6 hours.
• Please keep the Health Check Coordinator informed if you are planning to go out of the hospital during the health check process.
• Package prices may vary for additional services/investigations/consultations/drugs (if any).